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De eerste opdracht voor Hooymans voor een complete Czone installatie met  intergratie van de navigatie schermen van Simrad is een feit.


Bulletproof reliability.
Easy to configure and install.
Reduced wiring complexity and weight.

CZone™is what you want in a digital control system designed for manufacturers and installers of Marine, RV and Specialty Vehicles. It simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated, cumbersome wiring to switch and fuse panels, with state of the art, robust interfaces and light NMEA 2000 network cable. It also provides the the end user a sophisticated solution through the automation of complicated control and monitoring issues associated with today’s on board systems.

Example of Traditional Electrical DC Wiring
Example of CZone™ DC Wiring

Builders recognize an immediate benefit with reductions in cable usage, harness weights and installation times. CZone™ also integrates many stand alone components into one intuitive system. Wiring is dramatically simplified, CZone™ is designed to remove complex switching clusters and wiring runs. Integrated diagnostics ensures fault finding is simple. CZone™ is the digital networking system that is both cost-effective and scalable. Modules can easily be added into the system to best suit the OEM and end-users’ needs.

CZone™ is NMEA 2000 compliant and uses the standard Micro cables and connectors. Being NMEA 2000 compliant you can have trust in the network. This also allows a single network backbone to be installed for multiple systems (CZone™ and other NMEA 2000 devices). Aditionally, CZone™ can share certain monitoring functions with other NMEA 2000 compliant screens.

We provide the tools to help you determine the modules needed based on your specific requirements.
Then, simply program with the CZone™ intuitive
configuration tool.

CZone™, designed for 9-32V systems, features built-in timers, dimmers (including support for halogen lighting), alarms, voltage reducers and load shedding. With safety in mind, CZone™ features a manual bypass. Our No-Single-Failure-Point technology ensures a plug-n-play system that is designed to handle mishaps. If a module is damaged, the system will automatically program the replacement module, when it is plugged in. This means any module can be replaced without using high tech service people. Our security features allow custom configurations that can be locked.

Traditional Electrical DC Wiring
Wiring DC systems can be extremely complex and installation time can be extensive. The larger the system, the more wire is required, which creates weight and space concerns, not to mention increased cost and complexity of design and manufacturing. Basic maintenance and trouble shooting of traditional wiring systems can be difficult to manage.

Switch panel wiring is complicated and extremely labor intensive to install.
Cable runs are long and have multiple conductors. Switching of common circuits is complex.
Long wire runs require larger cable, adding weight, increasing cost and reducing space.

CZone™ DC Wiring
CZone™ decentralizes the DC power distribution system, locates circuit control and protection modules closer to loads to shorten cable runs and
reduce the size of conductors, significantly decreasing the cost and weight of the electrical wiring harness. The system replaces complex wiring
with a single data wire.

Complex switch panel wiring removed, replaced with single data cable connection
The grouping of multiple loads into common areas (Zones) with Output Interfaces is the key to the CZone™ system
Heavy duty battery mains cable, replaced by multiple smaller conductors